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Working on my life's clockwork

Been meaning to get back to this. Life has a strange way of ebbing and flowing. Some days you wake up and feel like you could fly around the world. Others your eyes drag in the back of your skull and its a challenge to even be. I think I'm erring more towards the first than the second today. It might be because of the coffee I'm having today. It might be because work is actually moving along well. But regardless of the reason it is.   Our gym is finally complete. Maybe one of these days I'l


Oafkad in Journal

Hey Folks!

Here we are. Blogs are now up and running. I'm going to be expanding access to these to more user types shortly. But for now this is just my way of having that WordPress experience within the forums. I hope once you get access to it that you end up having a good time as well. Just be sure to be kind and have a good time.
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