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UI Week - PT 2


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  Alright, I've hooked up the UI slots to be buttons. Now when we click on them they'll inform any listening systems of their unique ID. I did notice we've got a bug where your inventory is kinda "growing" when it shouldn't. I'll need to look into that. The reason will probably be pretty amusing and stupid, that is the way of things most of the time for me.

  Next steps will be hooking up the action bar to listen for these clicks. The main action bar handler will just be listening for the event and will assign the item to whatever your currently selected slot is. We'll see if we like that, in the end the preferred method might actually be clicking an item in your inventory THEN pressing the key you want to assign it to.

  May try both, might eventually implement support for both and let players decide. Guess we'll see! Sadly I've had some long days and early mornings so I can't do more tonight.

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