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An Eclipse of Progress


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  Over the next few days I presume I won't be getting a lot done. We are preparing to see the eclipse and that means I'll be away from my standard hardware. However that doesn't mean we won't be able to do a little bit of theorycrafting as we lead into the next steps. For now I know what I need to do is get the hooks in for our Moosecats sending themselves on Adventures. We know that we can do it through UI (or direct function calls) but we haven't discussed is how to handle it happening automagically. Can the same adventure be running with multiple instances at the same time? I mean...do multiple people go on vacation to Hawaii at the same time? Probably.

  Also, a random thought just crossed my mind. You ever notice how people say "we" when talking about creative ventures? Even if it is just them. Currently that is the case with this work. I wonder what compels me to say "we" sometimes. Very interesting.

  Anyways, I think what we (this time I'm talking about you and I) will want is for each adventure to be able to run arbitrarily many instances. If someone wants to send 300 cats on a mountain climbing expedition at the same time that's their deal. If their kitties are happy and willing to do it then it will be done. Ultimately nobody has the power to make Moosecats do what they don't want to do, so there are no worries there.

  I'll need to update the code to support that, but it shouldn't be too bad. Will also need to think about how the UI will display that. But these are all fun challenges. Nothing so far has really been miserable and I think that's a good place to be. It should be funny to see just how much it all changes over time as I hit walls, have new ideas, or just adopt new coding styles.

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