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Pineapples and Apples growing from the ground, like nature intended.

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  Alright I need to do a few things tomorrow. We need to add in a declination (or veto) feature to our event system. That way I can do things like cross reference uniqueIDs or other data to see if an event should be respected by all listening assets.

  Once this is done we can then move into the next step of finishing up our wandering system. That will get us pretty close to having the baseline logic system done and allow me to move onto other work.

  I still want to add a few debugging adventures and have Moosecats travel to them when they can't satisfy a need. I also need to think about how kitties will act if their target gets taken by another cat while they are on the way. I suppose we could add little images of their faces over the asset so that the player (and other kitties) magically know they want to use that thing.

  I'll think about it. I want it to be fun and simple to track for folks.

  As far as the title goes, we've got spawning done for now. It spawns random food at random points across the central navemesh which is where I'm doing all of my work.

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