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Designing before doing? What madness is this!

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Alright, I'm sick today which is fun. But I wanted to write an update regardless. Tonight I began designing the AI for the Moosecats. Now this isn't AI as it is being used currently in marketing. I'm literally trying to build up a wants, needs, and problem solving system for the Moosecats. The end goal being that if you don't give them dedicated things to do they'll act a bit like a little living critter.

There are currently 8 obvious states that we will need. I'm working through the truth tables and what we need to track to keep this all sensible. The ultimate goal is that each state is fairly dedicated. We want actions to not be enormous and we want everything to make sense at a glance. The hope is that in this coming week we can make enough state actions that our Kitties will do some fun things.

The next thing I'll need to design is the objects they "act" against. Each time we hit one of those hurdles this coming week and month I'll write about what needs to be done and how I'm thinking we'll solve it.

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