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Adventure's completed (for now). I can finally move on.

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  I didn't think the day would ever come but we are finally here. The systems are in place for adventures. In the following short video (which is 1.4 mb dear god, I need to start uploading these to YouTube or something), you'll see the following happening.

We load the player's data. This moves them to their last position. It spawns all their cats and moves those to their last positions. It updates the player's inventory and updates the adventures that are unlocked. From here I pick 3 cats at random and add them to the adventure. I then click "Start Adventure" this then starts the timer for the adventure and sends our three kitties off. Currently that's signified by just pooling them. After the duration of the adventure is over they return and they add the rewards of the adventure to the player's inventory.

And that's it! It only took an enormous amount of writing but I'm happy to see it ready. I've also started making helper buttons in the editor windows of my assets to do things with them much faster than I was previously. Pretty pleased.



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