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Gimme all your apples

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  I discovered a pretty amusing bug while working today. If you interact with something like an apple and make sure not to move after you collect it, you can continue to mash your interact button and keep collecting it forever. The solution for this was quite simple, after an item is collected I needed to clear it from the player's "what am I trying to interact with at this second?" parameter.

  But moments like that are really refreshing while you work. Reminding you of all the interesting things you need to think about while working. I spent the majority of my time today working on both Excursions and upgrading our "keying" system. Instead of using arbitrary things like the name of an item, or some enum, I've switched everything over the GUIDs. These are enormous strings of numbers and letters that are have so many permutations that it is exceedingly unlikely that two will ever overlap. That is, unless, the two instances are the same object and you are using it for lookup tables or similar.

  This process is not too bad, I've also found some bugs in my code while I make the transition. My goal at this time is to have that minor refactoring and the first functional instance of an excursion done tomorrow. Maybe for the update tomorrow I'll go over my thought map for how excursions should work and how that helps influence the initial design.

  Anywho! Progress is progress, looking forward to swapping most of our enums over to scriptable objects and also this transition to GUIDs. It just feels so clean and it allows us to do things like have any number of Moosecats with the same name. So if you like to name all 50 of your kitties "Kitty" that is your decision and I respect it.

  God help you when you are trying to differentiate them depending on how the UI ends up looking.

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