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Is this real estate?


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  I did some cleanup today of the Moosecat Spawner. It now applies the data to the cats properly, shaved off some unnecessary data, and I've split out the "spawning" and "skinning" portions of cat creation. This way my different objects have specifically dedicated functionality. The end result is working just as well as the original. Additionally I noticed that the mesh renderer reference was inside of the saved data and that's pointless. I've moved that up a layer and now it is part of the prefab instead.

  The next thing that we need to establish is the room objects, specifically the logic for spawning and placing them. I'm still up in the air if I want to just provide enough "land" for each individual unit or if it would be kinda funny for the manor to be a finite size and when you walk in the inside is infinitely large (depending on how long you play).

  Additionally if we go the magical manor route I can just not have a ceiling when you are inside which makes camera work pretty trivial. I'm already convincing myself of this plan. While considering the size of the room I decided to go with a room that is roughly 10 square meters. The walls are roughly 2.3 meters tall. I may just put them up to a solid 2.5 we'll see.

  The end result is quite a spacious area which should allow for a lot furniture and other fun things. emptyroom.png

An immediate curiosity crossed my mind. I haven't decided how doors will be added to the rooms. Does the player add them? Do we automatically add them? Do we allow the player to move them if we add them?

And even with this question. How do we handle the cutout? Would it be better for me to build the walls as individual tiled units? Something akin to drywall in a house? If I do this then we could simply remove the wall unit that the door is on and replace it with a "door frame" that surrounds the door to provide a seamless appearance.

The alternative is going to be figuring out some kind of clever cutout shader. I'm going to probably approach this issue with the tiled wall solution first and if we see this causes any kind of major performance issues then we can see about adjusting to the cutout solution. I can only presume there won't be much problems given that games like two point hospital use the unit based walls.


Obviously I just dragged these kitties in by hand, hence the white. But yeah, plenty of room for the cats. I was thinking that a player could "assign" up to say 4 cats per room. They won't be forced to stay in there but if there are utilities in that room that they can interact with they'll do so from time to time.

You can probably imagine a kitchen where a kitty will make food for fun to feed you and all the other kitties, and of course themselves ;). Likely tomorrow we'll look into a title screen. Something simple, and then hook up the state machine transition from that screen to the debug game area we've currently got.

Then from there we'll hook up the transition from outdoors to indoors. And start working out the nuanced problems in all these steps.

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