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Introduction to Moosecats Twitch


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Hello and Welcome!

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the basic mechanics of Moosecats Twitch. How to join, how to play, and any other little general tidbits to get you started. 

How do I join?

If you are watching www.twitch.tv/oafkad, currently all you need to do is just start talking! Once your first message is registered a Moosecat Egg will be spawned for you and you are part of the game. From here you'll just need to wait until the egg hatches to meet your very first furry friend!

What can I do?

Firstly, your Moosecat is your means of chatting in the stream. If you talk in the Twitch chat those messages will be forwarded to your cute little friend and onto the stream. Naturally abusing this would result in a ban but that's true of any chat overlay for any stream I imagine. Use your best judgment when talking in chat. If you are concerned about this there will be a command to disable chat to stream functionality.

Can I opt out?

Sure, this isn't actually supported yet (as we are in pre-alpha) but I will be adding in a command for putting yourself on an ignore list. 

Did you say Commands?

I did indeed. While you won't find a comprehensive list on this intro, there will be another post that features all of the commands and how you can use them. It should hopefully also include any limitations as some of them will have limits.

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