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Welcome! Curious about how to get posting?


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Hey Folks!

So you've stumbled upon this part of the internet. You may try and make an account and realize that you cannot post. There are a few things to keep in mind.

We get a lot of bot accounts.

Apparently the only hobby in Russia is creating fake accounts on websites to spam or spread propaganda. I'm not trying to yuck their yum but it does mean that I need to be somewhat protective of this website.

You'll need two-factor authentication to join.

This is non-negotiable. If that is not acceptable for you then I respect that, feel free to still join our Discord and chat there! I'm sure you are a lovely person and it would be a shame to never meet.

Speaking of Discord. That's how you get full posting access.

If you join Discord and chat up a bit I'll move you over to the Member group when I do a bulk move. And by bulk move I mean "I collect a bunch of names of people from Discord and upgrade them all by hand." Sounds like fun! Naturally this is a one man show currently, so it will take some time. I've got a full time job that drains my will to live sometimes, I apologize in advance if it takes a bit.

So what do I get by being here?

In the future I plan to do giveaways. We'll have semi-regular updates for Moosecat games. Ultimately the major thing is a place to gather with other people that have some shared interests. To enjoy one another's company without advertising or algorithms demanding the world of you. I want to provide people with a little bit of history. There was once a time that the internet was a wonderful place and I think we can carve out some places like that.

This does mean that if this ever takes off I might need to put up some Patreon or something, but we will never have advertising popups. The most you would ever see is sponsored videos from my YouTube channel in a completely avoidable forum section. Otherwise I want to respect you and I hope you'll do the same for me.

- Oafkad

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