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Recharging and Returning

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  While today was slow goings, I can happily say that I've started doing work again. The last few weeks of my life were extremely hectic with occasional workdays literally going from 8 in the morning until midnight. My brain and body were both drained, by the end of it I was just completely exhausted. I knew if I tried to work on the project at the same time that I'd not get anything even close to quality as a result.

  So I took some time off, focused on getting work caught up and out of my way. With today being my first return back. Unfortunately coming off of going to bed at 1AM did not help for the return. But I've had a few days off from work and I'm feeling a lot better. Currently working through the slow process of improving our UI flow for new games. A few of the classes I made before I left weren't quite up to my ever progressing standards.

  They've been tweaked a smidge and now I'll get even more utility out of them. Also I'm hoping to start posting videos of some kind more often going forward. I know this will remain my own little slice of the world off in the middle of nowhere but might as well deck it out with nice things.

  If nothing else it gives me interesting logs to look back on in ten to twenty years. Hopefully I will be more positively surprised by them than I was when I saw my teenage ramblings as a twenty something. Some of it was genuinely interesting but also some of it was pretty wacky. Our own many evolutions over time are very interesting to me. So many different people in a single body. But not like that, unless you are into that, I am not one to judge.

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