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UI - Sunday Birthday

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 Obviously not mine, that's for a bit now. But I've started hooking up the player creation section. I know we need to know your name and we'll want to know your Birthday for a yearly gift in the game. This is all saved locally obviously like days of old. If we ever have online support that'll be fully optional and opt-in, not opt-out. I got no desire to know anything about anyone besides what they would like me to know.

  One fun thing I want to do hearkens back to one of my favorite games of all time, Ogre Battle 64. We are going to convert your real world Birthday into the day and month of the in universe calendar. I don't have that list with me at the moment but in my binder I've got the entire calendar written out. It is very similar to the regular calendar but something I did was have every single month be 30 days. This leaves us with 12 months still, but 5 fewer days per year.

  A nice thing about that is that it makes a lot of game fun a lot easier to deal with. Additionally it ties some of my older work in with the newer work which is always a delight.

  I have no idea what this upcoming week holds. It will be extremely busy for me at work I think. So perhaps this will be our "Just do anything, I believe in you." Week, where even tiny updates are still victories.

  I need to setup the save system so that it saves to slot 1 first, then if you new game with a save in slot 1 it'll save to slot 2, and finally if you have saves in slot 1 and 2 it'll save to slot 3. We could technically have infinite slots, and perhaps that'll be the final version of it. But for now I think 3 will be visually appealing and there should end up being a lot of game. That many simultaneous saves might not really be realistic. THOUGH, you could argue families might each want their own saves. I'll keep that in mind.

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