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Friday & Saturday - Overtime Omnibus

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  Well, I've worked a few 10 to 12 hour days and today I was rebuilding my office now that the remodel is finished. I'm sorry to say that means I haven't gotten to do anything with Moosecats this weekend. The plan tomorrow is to finish some more work in the morning and then spend the afternoon updating the state transitions for the new game flow. Obviously we won't have any animations but the hope is that we can start blocking out the experience so that later we can have animations slotted in nice and easy.

  The upside to a job is the financial security, can't deny that, the downside is sometimes it asks a lot of you. And the older I get the less of me I feel like I've got. No worries though, the vision is there and the future of the project hasn't hit a wall yet. So many cool things to do and try. Plus my work solutions today were largely using systems I built and that's always a fun feeling. Seeing things work the way you hope they will and having it all just kind of fall into place. Satisfying for sure.

  I hope anyone reading this is having a good day, good weekend, and just in general a good life.

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