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Title Screen Week - Day 3

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As is so often the case, today is less exciting than yesterday. But hopefully getting us ready for a couple nice updates tomorrow. I've got a small bug with my loading order. Basically I need No sooner than I was writing this did I realize where my bug was and how to fix it. We've now got the title screen with the buttons disabled until the player data is loaded.

If your player has a name (a requirement of playing) then I know you have a game going and the continue button is enabled, otherwise you only have access to the new game button and the settings button. Upon clicking new game, or continue, we enter into the game state. Obviously this isn't how it will always be, the next thing I need to do is separate out how new game and continue work.

So tomorrow I suppose we start on the new game flow. It needs to move to the "new game" state, rather than simply game state. I'll need to think about how I want to work the flow. I suspect it'll involve some...gasp...UI work.

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