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Title Screen Week - Day 1

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  I'll be honest, today was rough. Work has a lot that I need to get done and Venus did not have a good day. Poor girl is either stressed or sick, or both. Hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow or at least in a couple of days. I don't handle that sort of problem well at all unfortunately.

  So once my long long work day was over and it was already edging towards 8PM I had to make an executive decision. Will I try and have any fun today or will I just work? I ended up taking the fun route. I needed that, but it wasn't entirely a wash for progress. We've got our developer quality title screen setup. I've got the events hooked into the buttons and now I just need to build a handler for the title screen and work out some preliminary transition into gameplay. Initially we'll just load up the scene you've seen a million times, but I'm going to start working on at least a rudimentary starting experience.

  What that will look like I haven't yet decided. We'll see I suppose.



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