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The Signs...Watch the Signs!


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  Ended up watching the Sonic Movie tonight. It was quite good! I really enjoyed Jim Carrey as Robotnik. Lots of great visual gags and it gave me a good smirk from time to time. Definitely a good time. I don't really do letter or score reviews, but on my "Hated, Disliked, Experienced, Liked, and Loved." It gets a solid liked from me.

  But, I can only assume that the reason you are on this part of the internet is you are curious if I reached my goal for the weekend. I'm not sure...I wonder if there is any way to know.


One thing I am realizing is I need to update the interaction logic. That little blip was me adjusting my position to actually talk to the sign. The collider solution might not be precise enough. I'll add some debugs tomorrow to see what is up, maybe examine an approach involving a sphere of influence and our angle. Not sure yet.

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