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World Interaction Week - Action Bars Pt 3


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Hey Folks,

Alrighty, done some updates. They ended up being more world modifications than actual action bar updates. The next steps though are pretty clear once I recover a bit more. We will hook up a simple inventory that reads our current items. When you pick up an item this will inform the game to add the item to your inventory.

Upon doing this it'll check your action bars for an empty slot. If there is a slot it will place a reference to that item in that slot. Otherwise nothing happens.

Then following that, we'll want to have it so when you are in your inventory. If you left (right?) click on an item, or perhaps some other key we'll see, when you use that key it will assign the item to that spot on your action bar. If that ends up not being annoying we'll stick with that for the time being.

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