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What's the point? (It's a Vector3)


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Tonight I updated the state machine so that we now have a series of legal vectors across our navmesh. Kitties can choose to wander to any one of them at random when they lack interactable objects to play with. In the future what we might do is just have cats go to sleep if they can't find things to do.

Then once their needs are unavoidable they'll go on adventures to solve it.

But for now I'm going with this. It might be that once we flesh out the map it becomes physically impossible for cats to have nothing to do. Or perhaps we'll have a "nothing to do" option for cats where they just go on a random adventure on their own to find cool things for the player. Be it new friends or items.

Regardless the game is now in a state where I believe nothing actually gets broken state wise. This leaves us back on adventures to start adding in adventure actions upon completely. For now the first one will be updating the status of the cat depending on the adventure they go on. We'll save that for tomorrow or Friday. I'm going to rest for the remainder of tonight.

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