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Refactoring Week - Part 2


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Sneaking in real late tonight! Just finished the Fallout series (season 1) and it was incredible. Absolutely soul crushing at times, anxiety riddling at others, and all around just filled top to bottom with misery. I couldn't do that kind of show all the time but it made me feel things and all around I'm happy that it exists. What an exceptional example of truly talented people pulling off something incredible.

As for my own work, the spawner is refactored! It is much more powerful than the prior version and now it isn't limited by a single type of item. Now *any* item can be spawned as long as I have the ID for it. They'll be spawned enabled or disabled as needed, pull from the pool as needed, and just all around I'm pleased as punch.

I forget what I said I need to resolve besides the spawner in our prior post. I'll check it tomorrow and get started on that. But overall, what a day.

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