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The Week of Adventures - Part 5


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  Today was one part updating Unity because of a bug with the specific version I had, and another part UML documentation! It is nowhere near done but I'm writing up docs on the adventure system so that I can more easily integrate new features into them. As you can see we don't have a lot, but this is the beginnings of it. Adding commentary to every function and attribute so that I can better keep things in line.

  Cause I'll tell you, this brain of mine struggles sometimes. Especially when we haven't touched something in a bit. And in the case of Adventures we made it a bit ago and then came back to it with a needed overhaul. I should have all this finished tomorrow though so I'm not too vexed. Then after I write this up I can think about what I'm missing.

  But per usual, the real life Moose is heckling me and telling me to get to bed. So I suppose I better do so.


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