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The Week of Adventures - Part 3


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Alright, we are partway through the cats adding their own adventures. I'm taking notes as I move along. Our main challenge is that Unity doesn't serialize dictionaries and they don't serialize Guids. I need both of these things.

I'm currently just building these on awake. But I think what we could use are some simple container objects that we can add to behaviors. Scriptable objects that act a bit like a dictionary. In fact...thinking on this, Odin can serialize our SOs so we can literally do this. We'll have the adventure containers be the keys and the need satisfying adventures be the values.

This is stupidly simple, I'm a little annoyed it didn't cross my mind until I wrote this. You know what? Tomorrow I'm going to write BEFORE I code and see if I come up with ideas before I go. That seems like a good plan.


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