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The Week of Adventures - Part 1


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Ok! Progress is moving along on adventures. I feel it'll probably take most of this week given how exhausted I am in general. Not with coding, this is always a treat, but just combining it into days with working out and a literal job. The adventures now track how many teams an unlocked adventure supports by default, and how many slots each team has by default.

It generates each team slot, then populates their fields for adventurers, and saves all of that to the unlocked adventure data that we store to the drive.

I believe with this change, tomorrow we should notice that we can add an adventure trivially and have any number of team slots running actively at the same time (that code was finished on Sunday). Following that test I'll get the Moosecat hookups working. Each Moosecat will create a one slot team in the related unlocked adventure, add themselves to it, and set it to starting.

In writing that I realize I don't think I have much to go! But I'm gonna head out because the literal Moosecat in my house is purring and keeps walking in front of me while I type, I believe she wants attention.

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