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Weekend Update - Adventures


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So this has actually been a bit more of an update than I was expecting. But I think we can discuss the high level of it. I'll do a more in depth document soon for my own sanity as much as yours.

First I suppose we should figure out what the problem statements are.

The first is that we want our adventures to trigger a series of actions when they complete. What these actions will be are undefined but we'll just add them in the sequence we want them to happen.

The second is that we want our Moosecats to be able to trigger an adventure on their own. This is to satisfy their needs and it needs to be infinitely scaling.

Now that we've got our two problems, in this case when I say "we" I mean you and I, we now need to talk about solutions.

The first is actually already solved, we use the same GameAction system that we used for items. We simply pass each of the Moosecats through the actions, ignoring them where applicable, and doing whatever needs to be done to satisfy all the needs of our adventure completing.

The next was, and still is, a lot more work. We need our adventures to not be singular entities, we need to have each unlocked adventure have a collection of "teams" it can support. That is to say, a number of instances of that adventure that can be running. We may never have more than one on the regular adventures, but for the Moosecat automated ones we need to be able to have arbitrarily many of them running!

Naturally this is a rather large change, so I need to go through and update the Adventure logic that was assuming only one adventure at any one time being tracked. Now that "adventure" is really a team within the unlocked adventure.

We are maybe 60% through the revamp, I'll be taking a break at this point though and finishing up the rest this coming week. Good stuff though!

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