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Weekend Update - Items


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Welp! I intended to do adventures first but it turned out we needed to do items! The good news is that I can use the same system for the adventures once I get to that tomorrow. There is no bad news.

We can now create action lists to happen in response to something. Currently I only have one action list, but later we can have one for collecting, one for consuming, and so on. These action lists look something like the following:


A keen eye might wonder how you can "collect" something and "consume" it (thus satisfying your need), but there is a reason this works for now. Players do not have needs that are satisfied, but they do have inventories. Moosecats have needs, but currently don't have inventories. So because of this nuance the system works as designed.

Now in the future we'll have split action lists for each. Things like "Game Action Pool" would be in both, but one would have the adding to your inventory, and the other would have the satisfaction. Additionally when we add in the GUI where you can use items from your inventory we'll be able to just reuse these actions, or a system that is very similar.

So tomorrow, we'll be doing something like this for the adventures. So that we can have each adventure act in atomic ways, no need for large complicated hard coding. Treat the logic more like lego.

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