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Potential Adventure Overhaul


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  Today you can join me in thinking out loud about solving Moosecats sending themselves on adventures. We presumably need 1 adventure for each kind of need that can't be satisfied in the map. For now this means that we will have a relaxation adventure, an adventure to relieve boredom, and an adventure to refill their tummy.

Currently the adventure system assumes that you will have an "active" adventure, this is the one you've selected from the menu, and you will add your Moosecats to that active adventure. But in the case of automatic adventures we don't have one selected. So instead we need to select a specific adventure and send our Moosecat on it.

These particular adventures are defined already, or will be once I make them, so I suppose I could just make Artifacts for each of them and add them to either the node point or the handler. I suspect the Handler makes more sense. We can achieve this with a new function call, SendCatOnAdventure should be sufficient.

From here we could actually read the "needs" on the Moosecat, and send them on an adventure based on that. So we'll make a collection that contains the need ID as the key, and the resolving adventure as the value. Then we can simply set it active and pool the cat. This requires either adding that logic to the function OR creating a new function for StartSpecifiedAdventure or something similar to that.

We'd pass through the adventure to be started and handle the starting inside of that. I've got a pretty bad headache tonight, so I won't be doing this for now. But this will be my gameplan tomorrow. I'll leave this open so I don't forget.

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