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Getting Catalogs ready for the babies.


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Working through the catalog system now. One of the first we need is for prebuilt kitties. These will be our friends like Moose and Bean. Because obviously they'll have a specific look. But other custom kitties will exist beyond this. I'll need to have the collection store both the cats themselves and some ID Artifacts for easily finding them in other work. This will require a bit of thought on my part, maybe I'll write something up tomorrow.

For now you can find them via the unique IDs assigned to them, but that might not be entirely sufficient. I may also add in a getter lookup by string, or something else identifiable. If we do go the artifact route we can just include those same artifacts on the classes that'll be making the request to spawn our kiddos.

Many options, whatever we settle on needs to be fairly robust. Luckily the way the catalogs work you implement the getter largely agnostic of how we will index it. Maybe with ints, maybe with strings, maybe with Guids, but that all comes from the secondary interface that you attach to it. This helps allow us to have a single kind of catalog but have it work for anything. Currently we return strongly typed objects but I may end up going with loosely typed since this won't be happening very frequently.

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