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Return Components Updated, One More Pass to Go


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  While I wouldn't say it is perfect, in fact I want to update it tomorrow. We now have a working component caching system that works for both the class name you are looking for, all interfaces that class implements, AND any parent classes it inherits from. In this way we can use it a lot like get component but it'll be much faster and not require searching each time.

  Now with this in mind, something I want to do is have it cache lazily. That is to say when you "return component" it will find the component, cache it in all the different ways we need, and then return the cached entry. That way we only store exactly what we need. This should be helpful seeing as there can be a lot of components on an object and we might never need most of them for editing.

  We'll also have it cache all the components you need from the children as well, whether I'll add "ReturnChildComponent" or just have it work seamlessly I'm not sure. But regardless I'm happy to see I sorted the issue of using interfaces for lookups. Not a bad bit of progress after a long weekend staring at celestial bodies.

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