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Adventure Update plans.


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  Alright, we've got our adventure system that currently rewards items. But what I need to do is have the rewards be actions rather than just raw items. In this case we can have the actions be something like "reward item", or "refill moosecat state", etc, etc. With that in place we'll be future proofed for all adventure outcomes.

  I also noticed that I've got some foundational code that is currently featuring manor only code. I'll just need to go back through that sometime and fix up those connections. Things like saving and loading should work in all of the game projects. But for now we can't stress about it too much, just need to make note of it and focus.

  This is a healthy process to me. Trying things out, making them work, and upgrading them as we find new needs. The alternative is planning for months before you ever start and then realizing you missed things anyways. I much prefer this process.

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