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A refreshing adventure awaits!


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    I've now setup the logic on the Moosecats to work as follows. And I'm pleased to say that it looks like it scales for hundreds of kitties. So basically our little friends will notice they are, for instance, hungry. If they are, they will search out for food. If no food exists they will say "Tata!" and go on an adventure to find some themselves.

In the example below we aren't yet de-spawning them and sending them on the adventure. But you'll recall I do have support for that from a month or two ago. So next I'll hook them into that system, updating their needs, so when they return they'll be happy and healthy and who knows...maybe they'll bring some presents or new friends!

I want even the failure states to result in positive outcomes. They might be slower than optimal play but you can relax and just enjoy yourself.

It is amusing how few frames I have to put into gifs to make them only 1mb.


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