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A World of Items


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  I'm almost finished with the first draft of the world item database. This will be our lookup table for all the items that are in the world for our kitties to path out to. We could find this data each time a cat is curious, updating it constantly, and generally just making a lot of garbage. Or we could track it through a table like this and have a fairly consistent memory footprint.

  I do have a bug with my component return feature. I'll need to look into that and see what I'm forgetting, it'll likely be obvious and silly but for now I'm not entirely sure. Otherwise I don't have much to add! I don't have any gifs for you at the moment but the cats are able to navigate around in the hundreds and I even tested up to a thousand at one time. In that scenario my framerate dipped into the 60s, but that does mean that about 1000 cats results in an FPS dip of about 50%.

  I don't expect we'll have even close to that, I imagine the actual cap will be 25-100 or something around those lines. With some way to store additional cats, or perhaps multiple islands. We'll see how it goes. But overall it looks pretty good. I think one of the next things we'll discuss is the spawning and linking system over in the documentation section. That way I don't forget what I did in the future :).

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