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Mondays are balls.


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 I've begun work on the interactable logic for non-consumable items like balls, beds, doors, etc. I was feeling a bit silly after I added them so I gave them a bit of physics. This revealed a really amusing problem with the inverse kinematics in our fella. You notice that he just steps ON them instead of walking into them? That's because they are so short he knows he can hop right on up there. That's a definitely mistake and very amusing.

I'll save that problem for later. For now we've got some nice shiny, somewhat bouncy (shockingly dense) balls. For now I'm going to have interactable objects set your needs that it can satisfy back to 100% instantly. We can add in routines and other logic down the road.

When you are developing try and design things a bit like a chain. Each link being made to easily disconnect and add a link between them. As long as you keep doing this you'll never be screwed when a new idea comes along. Well, almost never.

Also don't be worried that you might be your future's worst enemy. You will be, just accept it, and try to enjoy yourself. Every single person alive has made mistakes that will haunt them for their entire life, for one reason or another. If you find someone that hasn't I imagine they'll be an insufferably boring or empty person.

Doesn't mean it doesn't suck! But yeah, important to remember while developing.

I might start posting guides on every little thing involving development in a separate section. So if you are interested in learning that may be coming soon.


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