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Next comes sleeping and fun.


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At this point I think the food portion of the Moosecat AI is good. We'll need to hookup our interaction state but I want to wait for that until after we've put in a bed object and some kind of fun object. This will be my project for tomorrow and tuesday. Because at this point it is late on a Sunday and I'm kinda tired! I've been up very late the last few nights working on the game and I'm very excited to see where it is.


Our little buddy got hungry and went searching for food. Obviously its a bit rudimentary, they are not set to stop at their interaction distance, nor do they call interact yet. But once they do it'll feel a lot more fluid. The plan is pretty simple. When a cat realizes they have a need that must be met they'll start searching one out. If any are available they'll make their way to that thing and get to interacting.

If a cat has no needs that are urgently needed, they'll just wanted towards some random part of the map. Along the way if they see something appealing that is open for interaction they'll change their target to that and wander over to it. Then they'll interact with it until the need it satisfies is complete (or the item is consumed in some cases).

After this they'll return to idle, check their status, and then transition into wandering after a short delay. This delay might ultimately be different from cat to cat but I'll worry about that later.

The end result is that if you have a few dozen kitties around and you zoom out, you should be able to see them regulating their lives and trying to live their best cat lives.

Obviously if you have a task you've asked them to do, they'll return to that instead of idling following the satisfaction of a need. We will have relationship meters for the Moosecats and the player but I don't know if we'll let them go into negative. I feel like that would betray the nature of the game. I'm also mulling over how to solve the problem of a need not being satisfied. Perhaps kitties will travel into town to get taken care of there. Or go on a special adventure that ultimately satisfies the need. Like wandering to a mountain hot spring to relax, or a famous sushi diner to get some food.

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