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Unity doesn't let you serialize Guids without a lot of headache. Odin Inspector makes this easier on serialized monobehaviors and serialized scriptable objects, but guess what?

Did you guess?

Yep! You can't use the monobehaviors in prefabs. And that's what I'll need them for 99% of the time. So I had to get sneaky, smart, devilish even. Ended up finding a wrapper for Guids and doing some seriously heavy edits on it. The original was fine but it could be finer. I've now got it so the "serialized" part that we see in editor doesn't actually get built at compile time (since it won't matter anymore). I'll test it out on a build this weekend but I'm optimistic. Everything passes the glance and sweat test.

I'd say smell test, but that reminds me of the term "code smell" and I hope I'm never a big enough douche bag to actually say that without being ironic. But I digress! Wait that sounds smarmy too. Oh no.

Anyways, very productive night. Also helping my wife with some coding challenges she's having. Very busy, but feeling very good.

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