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Idle Moosecats - The Beginning


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  Alright! We are getting into it! I needed to work on a few things today. The first was the container for needs. This will house the identification for that need, and then the various stats required to track the needs progress. We have three levels, fine, urgent, and critical. Anyone that has ever taken care of cats knows that this is already one to two stages too many.

  With the container created, tomorrow we will create the various need artifacts themselves. These artifacts will then be housed inside of a collection that helps us connect those need IDs with the ones on our cats. Because of this somewhat loose connection it means that we can add new features to the kitties at any point in the future and your cats will just have those new needs added to their data on load! I'll be sure to have them default to 100% when added. Nobody would want a kitty to be suddenly sad because of a new feature.

  Once this is finished the next course of action is creating the...well action. This action will updated every tick or so, whatever we decide that to be (I was thinking once a second), and it will iterate through all of our needs, depreciating them by their decay rate. Once they cross those thresholds mentioned earlier we will have them try to satisfy those needs. Naturally we'll give you tools to do it yourself, but I think this will go a long way to making our little friends feel alive.

  More to come tomorrow!

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