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The next step begins - Code Cleanup Day!


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  Now that we've got Adventures completed it is time for me to start up on the next operation. The first step towards the upcoming journey was to clean up my code. I went through and added precompile flags where I was missing them. I also updated some attributes that weren't doing what I needed them to do. All the while looking for places where I was missing code comments, or where I could improve an operation. These are really nice ways to relax, especially when work is hectic or exhausting.

  One of the last things I did for the night was I added an editor function to generate a Moosecat near the player. This way I can test our the upcoming state machine work and other systems without needing to manually type in a position or copy and paste values around. We need the cats to walk around. Why? Well, this same motion logic will be featured in our NPCs as well. We want them to be able to have schedules, to walk from one place to another. In an ideal world we'll also have them change their plans depending on their needs. But you need to walk, before you can run.

  With this in mind, I've convinced myself. Starting tomorrow we'll begin building the AI for the Moosecats. We'll keep it abstract enough that any major changes to the game design will still work. And on the way out for the night, I'll leave you with this. While setting up my "Nearby Moosecat Spawner" I might have goofed a line.



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