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20 minutes, in and out. Just a quick adventure.


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I was deeply happy to see this message tonight. We still have work to do but the system now can do the following. It can add a kitty to an open spot, choosing an empty one if you select none. It will naturally not add the same cat twice, if somehow the UI is goofed and allows for that. It allows you to remove cats from the adventure just as easily. We'll have that setup in the UI to be handled either by clicking the slot or just clicking on the cat icon.

It saves and loads properly. Storing the currently selected adventure and all the data for all unlocked adventures, as well as their states. So when you quit the game and return you'll be looking at the same adventure when you open your UI as you left. It's a little touch but I like it.

What remains? We need to finish off the ending flow. Have it reward you the prizes for finishing the adventure. Additionally we want it to tell the cats to go on adventure and then to return. Initially this will be simply handled with a new state that will cause them to deactivate and then reactivate when they are leaving that state. Later this will be more complicated with them walking off the property and back on later.

Overall I'm real pleased! Gradual progress continues with no signs of slowing down!

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