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It's all loading up Zoidberg


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I don't have much to add for today. I found a bug in the loading code for the Moosecats which was resulting in them all loading the same few colors. It took a bit of work but I ended up tracking it back to the prefab. Something I forgot to do is make sure the prefab is cleared of any predefined data, in the off chance that I edit it by mistake. Because of this I had 6,5,1 as the first three colors of any cat.

This was a good example of taking a step back when looking into a problem. Because at first I was break pointing. But really I should have asked myself what was the very first stop in this code chain? The answer is the instantiating Prefab, I should have looked there and then if that looked good moved onto the next part of the chain.

I skipped ahead and it cost me a little bit of time. But this is ok, mistakes are part of what makes us human. You learn from them and you improve in the future.

On the bright side our saving and loading now tracks Moosecat location properly, as well as their colors. Additionally I added an editor preview of their Guid for tracking them while working. I've given my player six or seven companions and tomorrow we will be attempting to apply them to the adventure.

I'm very excited as we are coming up close on the last initial feature. After that I will need to investigate our dialogue system. I think for now we'll go with the tried and true "cutin + text box" solution. Maybe in the future we'll add speech bubbles above the NPCs sometimes for chatter while they walk around or talk to one another.

But after that? Developer UI to test out features and game flow! There are still a million real steps to go, but the emotional spark from seeing things moving day by day is quite thrilling.

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