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The Home Stretch of Adventures


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  I'm sorry to say that it isn't fully working yet. Not for your sake, by the time you read this I'll likely be done with much of the game. But for me this is an unfortunate night. There is something about my adventures that is serializing differently from items, Moosecats, or even the player data. They look to my tired eyes to be exactly the same. But clearly something is unique.

  I'm curious if the problem is the self contained classes and their location. Tomorrow I'll try splitting out the classes so that they match the same design scheme as everything else I've done.

  At this point we can select an adventure, add adventurers to that adventure, remove them, and unlock adventures. Additionally if you don't select a spot when clicking on your available adventurers I'll just put them in the nearest open spot. No more open spots? No worries, nothing will happen. So if you wish to just spam click to fill up an adventure that'll work. We also might just add an "Auto fill" as well for you.

  But I digress, it is getting late and I'm going to go stew on this problem when I should actually be sleeping.

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