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Note 20! Refactoring Friday


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Today was something of a day of hope for me. I went to the doctor and I might be on a path to help reduce the pain I'm always in. I don't mean this in the metaphysical sense, yes, I have serious anxiety issues, but actual literal pain. It is likely that lucky me caused some serious damage to a nerve. This happened about three years ago now I believe. Time has both been moving and frozen this entire time since it happened. The pain at times can be so intense that it erases all thought from me.

But we'll see if I can overcome it. After meeting with my doctor I had a glimmer of hope and I channeled that into the project.


Each node was a fair amount of work today. Refactoring of some work, doing some performance improvements suggested by a brilliant friend of mine. Between that and some incredible art I've recently seen from another friend and I really think this could be something with time. I just need to keep going and not lose sight of my goals.

More and more I'm designing this project so that we can add more features, items, cat types, without actually writing more code. You just create assets and configure them. I want the project to be such that I could ask someone what they think would be cool and put it into the game with little to no actual compiling. This could also mean that in the future we could actually deliver holiday content to people without actually requiring them to get new code updates.

I think that would be great if we end up having any kind of mod support because it'll help protect mods from getting broken whenever I've got a fun new idea. That's a far flung thing to be thinking about for now, so I won't, but the easier this sort of stuff is for others to interface with, conceivably, the easier it should be for me to interface with it.

Tomorrow should be another great day. Hopefully excursions will be complete by then, that vertical slice continues. Also after discussing with my wife I believe we will be changing the shape of the land mass you'll be playing on. It will be something within the same theme but not quite as complex which should be better for everyone involved.

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