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Excursions Foundation!


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With each passing day I find myself playing less and less games. You might think that's a bad thing, and I guess on some level it is, but for now I'm really feeling it. The more progress I make the smoother things go. Will we hit hurdles? Absolutely, will this game sell 3 copies? At least! But in the meantime I keep trucking forward.

The initial implementation of Excursions is going to be a bit like the "Story" titles on mobile. Or honestly a bunch of other games you've probably played. We'll have status screens that show where your kitties are and how they are doing and then after a set amount of time they will return with something.

Supplies, new friends, or pieces of the book.

We have the foundation now, so the next thing I need to build is the timing system. Depending on the weather tomorrow we might get all of it done. I need to do my workout, but frankly today was too cold and I was burned out after a heavy work day.

Very soon we'll have more gifs to show! They won't be extremely exciting, but every step we take is one closer to the finish line.

If you are here in the future reading these (hopefully) ancient messages about the history of this project, thank you. I appreciate it :).

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