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Migraines and Apple Picking


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  Whenever I post the change count for a day you can generally divide it by half and remove the fractional data to know how much work was done. In this case we edited or added 21 classes and assets today. That is wild to me. But what exactly happened? Well I was having a problem with serialization and reached out in the Odin Inspector help discord. A particularly helpful power user noticed a flaw in my implementation logic and provided me with a suggestion for a considerably better alternative.

  Something I've learned over the years is to not get too emotionally attached to my code. If I'm doing something in a less than optimal way and someone can convince me as much, I'm happy to change. So I went through and refactored a number of our systems. It took a bit of changing how my brain thinks about these problems but ultimately the final solution works a treat! I still think in the future I might be able to optimize databases but I don't believe I'll need to edit the older ones when I make new ones. We'd just use the cooler new ideas for new data sets.

  Now our player can save items, each item has a guaranteed custom ID, they can also save Moosecats, and the same is true of the kitties. The UI window is also now split out and working under a separate camera. As best I can tell this is an efficient solution for keeping the UI and the world elements completely divorced. It also gives me the power to have effects on one that wouldn't be enforced on the other. I'm debating if I want the inventory items to be things that you can rotate, ultimately we could do that at any point but it would require a bit more math than just using sprites.

  Time will tell, but now I think we can genuinely move onto excursions. The last thing I'll do tomorrow is at a pineapple to the playfield so that we can confirm that having two unique items is fine. Because with all rules if you can prove that > 1 entries work, then you can be pretty confident that infinitely many would work. And infinitely many is far more than I actually need. Far more than anyone wants. Also far more than your PC could save I suppose.

  Very happy with how today went. Which is wild given that I had a migraine today that took a lot out of me. It just turns out that when you are truly passionate about something it can help you muscle through a lot.



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