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The Day of Rest?


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  This morning we took a fairly long walk. I don't know what it is about that activity but sometimes it can genuinely just take everything out of me. However I managed to muscle through the exhaustion and get our menu system upgraded. The current plan is to have our player menu be one large UI element with tabs on the left side.

  You might think that this is a trivial thing to implement and with enough caffeine all things are possible. When we think about our function paths there are some things that are happening. The first is that you are selecting a page to open. But we need to ask, is there another page open? If the answer is yes we want to hide that page, refresh your target page, and then show that one.

  But what if you send the request for the same page? Should we totally ignore this? Because you could very easily mash the same key on your keyboard or on your controller. Or would you expect pressing the button a second time to close the menu? Ok, sure cool. But what if you press the button on the menu for the tab you are currently on?

  If we want to go the route of "same menu item closes the menu" we'll want to make sure we disable the button that corresponds with the page you are currently on. That'll be my solution tomorrow, and yes it just crossed my mind while writing this.

  We'll also have a dedicated close event that can be called. Just because I feel like that's going to be useful.

  So, in theory, tomorrow I'll have a few tabs generated that are just fillers. This will allow us to move back and forth through the menu. Then as needs arise we'll fill them out. Inventory, Player Stats, Manor Stats, Excursions, etc. Should be interesting!

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