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Turns out there might just be two ways to skin a cat.


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  Alright. Another productive day. So we've moved into building up our skinning toolset. We use color replacement in order to take a few simple designs and give them a great deal of potential variety. Obviously for this vertical slice work these are all just variations on the original, a 1 color, a 2 color, and the original three color design.

  We've updated the generation and skinning process so that it can randomly pick a particular pattern for the cat and then it will choose colors from our color library to texture it. This texturing process actually stores the data inside the saveable data of the cat. So when we go to save the cats that information will be stored.

  Next we have the skinning system which takes in the moosecat handler, which houses all the different components we'll need to access to skin. Here we ask a simple question "Is this a fresh pass?" if it is that means this is a brand new Moosecat and we want to give it fully random colors. In the future this system may be overhauled to allow for genetics. But for now we are doing this since it is simple and functional.


So I ran the spawner 4 times. We can see it generated a three color cat, a single color, another three color, and conveniently a two color. Each was colored at random and they look just real mischevious about it. Tomorrow I'll be working on updating the summary comments for what I've done recently and THEN we need to go in and hook this up to the saving. I believe it'll actually just work but the loading side of things will require its own actions later. So I'll want to make a note for that somewhere.

Beyond that, I'm not sure. I'll make notes of the utilities we have available to us currently and then see what is next. We can technically already have an inventory, we can have kitties, we can walk around, we can look around, we can interact and collect objects. Perhaps the next step is I should design and implement the excursion system. Where we send our kitties off on adventures to find things. I'll mull it over tonight.

(Also the joke is that the two ways are loading them from data or making a brand new one.)

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