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The Textures of Life


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  Tonight was another one of my workout nights. After a fairly challenging workout I was then greeted by a kitten that really, really wanted some cuddles. I happily acquiesed and just played BG3 until she was done getting her cuddles. With that out of the way we dived into using a few of the working assets that we currently have.

  My very talented wife made me a Moosecat texture a while back. That's more fun to look at than a cube, sorry cube, and with this introduction I'm able to do some more work.


  Here we can see a number of texture types. The first is "one color", the second is "two color", and I bet you can figure out what the third one is called. Naturally in the future we'll have many different texture types and even some that can't even be colored. You can imagine a cat that just looks like a sparkling galaxy, or a deep void. These things would likely not have different pallets.

  The next thing I need to do is hook up the texturing system so that it first picks a type of texture and then it picks out the colors. Following that I need to have that data save to the cats Datum. That way when we save our cats we can regenerate them in the same fashion that they were first seen.

  A lot of this work can just as reasonably be used with 3D models, and who knows. If in the end we see a lot of charm with a mixture of 2D and 3D then that will be the journey we all walk down. I'm playing it by ear and seeing how everything pans out. Anything to bring joy in the end.

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