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Part 1 of the Quest to Collect a Kitty


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  No pictures today. But we've still made progress. After a hearty run of Randomized BG3 I started work on the collection system for Moosecats. This database will store all of the Moosecat information for each kitty that joins your care. These systems require creating the single unit object, I call those Datum as you've probably seen. Then it requires a Data object which is a collection of Datum with various helper functions for adding and getting data from the database. Finally we make an artifact that contains the Data Object so that we can easily share our data between any number of in game objects without creating a bunch of duplicates or otherwise doing something else stupid.

  With this done that means tomorrow I can add Moosecat data to our debug cat cube, which will probably be upgraded to a 2D Moosecat mesh soon enough. Then I'll let us "collect" it by interacting with it. In the future you will do so through adventures, eggs, and chatting with kitties. But best to walk before you can run. Get the support in and then actually hook up the more complex systems and demonstrations.

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