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Getting the Zoomies


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  Alright, the next feature we needed to hook up was looking around. This is already squared away for controller but with KBM (Keyboard and Mouse) this was a little less clear. Initially we had the camera always looking whatever direction you were moving the mouse. But as my wife wisely pointed out to me "So I need to let go of the mouse when I want to stay looking in a certain direction?"

  Well, the moment she asked that I realized I'm an idiot and decided that today I would be fixing that. So now, we have a button mapped to looking. Currently it is the left mouse button, but I think by default I'd rather it be the middle mouse button. Regardless we will allow for button mapping in game for the final release. So if there is something you'd prefer that option will someday be available to you.

  Additionally I needed to have the camera be able to zoom. In an ideal world I would have a nice easing between the minimal and maximum views. I've already added sensitivity but have not implemented an easing feature for the camera zoom. This isn't necessarily complicated and when I do get to it we can make that one of our updates on how you do that sort of thing.

   So here we are! Another busy day and another step forward. I'm taking the approach to this project a bit like NaNoWriMo, because if you write a certain number of words each day then eventually you will have a novel. It might be good, it might be bad, but hey, you did it. And that's what we'll be doing here.

  Also don't be alarmed, I recognize that the current world service is A) suspiciously familiar in texture, and B) flat. This is just our testing playground and things will flesh out over time. I'm actually thinking I might have the initial game release with a relatively small area to play in. Then over time as we get more interest we'll keep adding more and more areas.

  Think of something like No Man's Sky with a long tail of updates but without the grandiose promises at the start. The best I can tell you is that my goal is to make your life a little bit better. We aren't even remotely close to that goal yet, but all things come with time.

  It is worth noting I should probably increase the frame rate on my ScreenToGif recordings.

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