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100+ Days Later - The Beginning


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  Alright, at this point I think we very much have the foundational pieces to make our vertical slice game. So what I'll be doing this week is setting up the initial flow of the game. We'll keep going step by step through the process. You know what, I keep doing the "we" thing so I'm just rolling with it while I type this up. Anytime we hit a wall we'll discuss that wall and how we need to overcome it. Be it a little bit of polish on a system, or a missing system I didn't think of, whatever.

  Over time we'll get closer and closer to the game. Which is an exciting prospect. Once we get to the point where there is something to play, even a small teeny tiny bit, I'll begin putting up builds. Maybe on itch.io, I'm not sure yet. It'll allow us to see the whole thing start to grow. I'm looking forward to seeing more and more of this. Finding little ways we can improve things and figuring out the scale of it all.

  Initially I plan to do things like use cubes for npcs, or perhaps we will embrace the flatlands feel of our kitties and make all of the NPCs, including the player, flat. I suppose I am playing TTYD now, and it is certainly a fun aesthetic.

  Once a few of my expenses are paid off this will likely be a good time to start investing in a talented friend to get some art off the ground. And once we've got that slice I already have a couple of sound people in mind for music.

  It will be interesting to see what the next one hundred days holds for us. Hopefully something neat.

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