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Saturday Mulligan


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Per usual, today was a me day. I was tempted to do some work but I also recognize that I need to relax sometimes. Liz and I have been playing a good chunk of Pandaria Remix. There is even a checklist that was made by a user that I've been using to see how much of the things I've unlocked during the event.

It can be a little hard to invest any kind of time into games like this for me. Especially with the rise of Private Equity gluttony and Public Company implosions. It just feels like every media controlled by a corporation is not long for this world. No real reason for it either, games like this make plenty of money. But they cannot realistically make more money year over year without fail. And that obvious truth is too much to understand I guess.

So I play for now because I'm enjoying myself, but I'm never going to grind in this when it isn't fun. Which I guess by my own definitions wouldn't be grinding. Anywho, going to go get some rest and have a nice productive Sunday. We'll see if I finish that goal from Friday-Me, I think I will but never know until you've done it!

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