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Speech Box - Day 3


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  Alrighty, we've got both parts of the relationship hooked up for the conversation. The Handler Conversation on the object, in this case Sign, and then Handler UI Chat Box on the chat box. The initial conditions for connecting the two is also ready. Not that I've made the event or listener yet but that will be trivial.

  The next step, if I've got the energy (a common comment from me but I am edging towards 40), is to create the first structure for housing conversation. I think it'll be a list of a class that for now only contains a string. Later we might include images and other information so that when you move pages we can update popin art or similar.

  It is slow goings but we DID have to clear out an entire room today to get ready for more construction work tomorrow. So overall I don't feel bad about it. Just do what you can and eventually you'll get somewhere.

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