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Speech Box - Day 2


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Before I head off to bed, lets do a little brain storming. I've got the chat box setup, realizing that I've been an idiot this entire time and trying to take care of the more complicated system before doing the simpler one that'll satisfy most of my needs. This simpler problem is a chat box that will appear when you talk with actors or objects that have things to "say".

It will appear, sometimes with menu options, and will close if you walk far enough away from the target. Perhaps even if you just turn I'm not sure, we'll have a menu option for disabling movement during conversation in case people want to use WASD (or similar) to make selections. I can't use a dialogue wheel I believe because EA will sue me into oblivion if this game ever actually released and people played it.

So we've got the Item Data, this determines what happens when you interact with the item, using game actions. One of these actions tells the chat box to spawn. So next we need to figure out what text information to display when this happens. This can be solved in a few ways, the most obvious is linking the actor and the chat box. I think if we do this and have the actor be "iconversational" then we can begin iterating through a collection of strings. These strings already support being colored or animated, and I believe I can call events during the conversation through the text as well.

I have yet to test this, maybe tomorrow if I'm not too burned out. We'll give the sign say...3 pages of messages. You will move to the next page each time you press the interaction key. Then after there is nothing more to say the box will clear the reference to the actor and close. I might do a dummy event to play a sound or something just to test it out.

Yeah, alright. This was good, I'm glad I got this out because it gives me more of a gameplan for tomorrow.

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